Brunnbauer Budapest
Szerelvénygyártó Kft. Megyeri út 186/A 1048 Budapest

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ABOUT BBS - History of the company


New Company Hall since January 2017

Brunnbauer-Budapest is concerned with design, production, sales and finally service of different industry valves. Our production range consisting of mainly forged high pressure isolating, control and check valves in several executions and for severe industrial applications.

Further we complete our delivery range with LESER Safety Valves as a REPRESENTATIVE FOR HUNGARY.
Finally in our sales range are included many other usually types of industry valves, as a SUPPLEMENTARY PROGRAMM.

Our success story starts in the Year 1993 when Brunnbauer-Budapest Szerelvénygyártó Kft. (i.e. Valve manufacturing Ltd.) was founded by the experts of MOL Corp., Hungarian Hydrocarbon Industrial Research-Development Institute and Brunnbauer-Armaturen Produktionsges. m.b.H., Vienna.

Year 1996 – We had created our quality management system operating in
accordance to ISO 9001

Year 1998 - obtained a nuclear qualification of Supplier for Nuclear Power Stations

Year 2002 - Development of valve series for fertilizer Industry

Year 2004 – LESER Service and Agency in Hungary
Old Company Workshop, 1993 – 2016

Year 2006 – Development and establishment of valve service section for all kind of valves

The Years 2006 – 2014 were characterized by large project deliveries to fertilizer plants in Poland and Russia, as well for Oil-Gas industry

Year 2015 – BBS has started with the planning of new Production and Service Workshop on a new location in Budapest.

Year 2016 - Finishing of new company hall and building
and since January 2017 this is a new homestead of BBS.

Examples of many by BBS delivered valves

New Company Hall since January 2017

“ABOUT BBS” – History of the company